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The only way to make sure your Ad Creative strategy will always be Top 1%

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The Brain is a Creative Prediction dashboard that tells you exactly how to make your next Ad Creative (much) more profitable.

Here's how The Brain works

The world's first Creative Prediction platform for Social Media Ads

The Brain helps brands go from good to great

For example, look at what achieved in 7 months:

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Because, what if your Ad Creatives never failed again?

Here's how The Brain will help make that into a reality:

  • 1

    Search for a keyword related to your offer.

    We scraped the top +30.500 Ad Creatives on Facebook & Instagram and we data-mined them for advertising insights.

    By pitting the top 1% of ads on Facebook & Instagram against a sample of regular performing ads we found exactly which components turn a good ad into a great ad (and even into a top 1% ad).

    Once you search for a keyword for you offer, you'll get access to our full suite of customized Ad Creative insights.

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    Apply all of our Ad Creative Insights

    Once you search for your keyword, we'll let you know the proven answer to:

    • The most profitable Ad Type for your offer
    • The ideal length for your video creative
    • If you should offer discounts on your ads
    • If you should offer free shipping on your ads
    • If you should include testimonials in your Ad Creative
    • If you should send your users to a Homepage vs Product Page
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    πŸš€ Woosh! Your Ad Performance reaches new heights

    By making data-backed Ad Creative decisions you make sure that you're not ever losing out conversions to proven mistakes.

    It's like having the power of an Ad Creative that has been optimized by +7 A/b tests but without ever having to spend a dime on testing it.

    Everytime you launch a new Ad Creative you can rest assured that it's as pre-optimized for conversions as possible.

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We scale Ad Creatives by exploiting the insights that influenced Conversions in the past.

Here's why our data is the most reliable for Ad Creative strategy planning: 

  • +30.500 Ad Creatives inside

    And more being added every week so our insights stay updated to new market trends.

  • Only Top 1% Ad Creatives

    We only extract insights from Ad Creatives that have generated more than +$50,000 in a single ad post.

  • +47 insights extracted per ad

    We extract Ad Creative insights for The Brain and Ad Copy Insights for UnicornCopy.AI.

Because making Ad Creatives that scale is about only being creative where you don’t have data-backed facts already.

Here's how The Brain will make sure you never lose in the ad roulette:

  • Brain 2

    The number #1 reason for Ad Creative failure is now gone.

    Running mismatched ad types is one of the top 3 budget wastes brands do today - only behind advertising to the wrong audience and having no product-market fit.

    Knowing exactly what makes your desired audience convert more is a required step to maximizing your sales.

    So, it's like A/b testing an Ad Creative +7 times without ever spending a dime in the first place.

  • Brain 3

    Timing is of the essence for your Ad Creatives.

    Make your Ad Creative too long and users will bounce before converting.

    But make your Ad Creative too short and your users won't understand your value proposition.

    Knowing exactly how long your Ad Creative should be is the key to maximizing your conversions.

  • Brain 4

    "You talked a lot of words, but said nothing."

    Testimonials seem to be a required component of every single Ad Creative today, but data from the best ads shows that's not the case.

    Some audiences don't react well OR simply don't care about testimonials - so including them on your Ad Creatives is counter-productive.

    Knowing this beforehand also makes you avoid the hassle of having to gather good testimonials.

  • Brain 5

    Easy to do, hard to get returns from.

    Discounts are a weapon brands use and abuse.

    However, they are not always worth it - in fact, many times they only help ad performance in the short-term by hurting long-term brand profitability.

    Knowing if discounts are a healthy option for your offers is an important component of achieving higher returns for your brand.

  • Brain 6

    Free is not always better.

    We've found that offering free shipping is not always beneficial to brands.

    It costs money, clogs the value proposition and attracts one-time buyers for the most part.

    But now you'll know exactly if it's worth mentioning "free shipping" on your Ad Creatives.

  • Brain 7

    Don't lose out on extra (hidden) conversions.

    Depending on your niche, it might be more profitable sending your users to your Homepage instead of directly to a Product Page.

    This is one often overlooked A/b test that can drastically affect your conversions.

    And now you'll know if it's worth a try - without wasting money testing it out in the dark.

One small detail in the Ad Creative. One BIG loss in Ad Performance.

Some details matter more to Ad Performance than others - here's one of them:

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Still having doubts about The Brain?

Here are the most common questions (and how we solve them):

Here's our affordable pricing for Top 1% Ad Creative

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      +23.8% Ad Creative Performance on average
      Ever since using The Brain our mother-agency and partners report an average uplift of +23.8% on Ad Creative performance!